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Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

In this blog, we will see detailed verse by verse commentary on Psalm 1 KJV. Written by Samarpan Thorat.

What is the theme of Psalm 1? The main them is about the benefit of being a righteous person and the disadvantages of being an unrighteous person.

There are two ways in life. One way leads to eternal life. Which is the life of blessing and another way is the life of eternal condemnation which is life of curse and life of destruction.

Same way there are two ways to live. 

One way is according to the will of God and the other one is not accepting the will of God. Choice is ours whether to live a blessed life or not. 

There are two types of people Righteous and wicked. Righteous people obey the word of God and wicked people do not obey the word of God. 

The main difference between good people and sinner is that good people love God and sinner hate God.

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  Psalm 1:1 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

Here scripture talks about the godly man who does not seat with ungodly people. 

Truly the person is blessed when he does not listen to the advice of the ungodly people and if he does not lead his life as a life of sinner. Godly people should not accompany the ungodly people. 

What is the benefit of not to seat with ungodly people? The benefit is you will be blessed in all the days of your life.

What is the meaning of blessing? It is God’s favor in all are of our life. 

Blessing is the birthright of godly man but curse is for the ungodly man. Main difference in godly and ungodly man is

Godly man obeys the commandment of the LORD and ungodly man does not obey the commandment of the LORD. 

Blessed man does not listen to the schemes of the sinners. 

What is the meaning of counsel? Counsel means advising on the issue to people.

Who are ungodly people? The one who does not follow the law of God. The wicked person.

Who is Sinner? The one who breaks the law of God.

Sinner insult God, they criticize His Commandments.

What is the meaning of scornful? It means feeling contempt towards a person.

If sinner tells a Godly people that do this thing he should not listen to it then he will be blessed.

Here in this verse, 3 actions are mentioned. The first is walking, second is standing and the third is seating.

We have to praise God while walking, standing and seating. In all the areas of our life, we have to give Glory to God.

Walking not on the advice of ungodly people will make you a blessed person.

Standing not with the sinner will make you a blessed person.

Seating not with scornful will make you a blessed person.

In message Bible it says How well God must like you. God like you as a His child. Because He is a loving father, who loves His children very much.

You have don’t hang out with sinners to receive your blessings

You don’t go towards the dead-end road, because if you go there you will perish.

Don’t go in the company of smart mouth because they may deceive you and you will fall in there trap.

Godly people reject the advice of ungodly people. Neither they follow the examples of sinners.

Godly people do not join or accompany with sinner people. 

Blessed people are fortunate people. They are happy in all the areas of their life.

They are prosperous in all the fields. They are enviable people.

Godly people do not accept the plans of ungodly people. Whatever the purpose of ungodly people is there it will not be fruitful against Godly people. 

Godly people remain inactive in the paths of sinners

Godly people do not relax with sinners neither do they rest with sinners.

Godly people don’t stay in the company of the mockers

Blessed persons are truly happy persons. Godly people do not walk on the steps of ungodly people.

Ungodly people do not seat with a disrespectful person. 

Righteous people reject the advice of the wicked. They refuse evil advice. They don’t follow sinners and don’t join the people who sneer to God.

Mockers come together and they mock God but righteous people do not attain to there meetings.

Godly people don’t go where sinner go and they don’t take the path of the sinners. 

They don’t do what wicked people do and they don’t follow their steps.

Righteous people don’t do what bad people do. 

Joys is the person who does not listen to the evil man's advice. He doesn’t hang out with the wicked people.

 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.                      Psalm 1:2 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

What is the meaning of delight? Becoming extremely happy. Delighted person is greatly please.

What is the meaning of meditating? Focusing on one particular thing.

Here the scripture says meditate upon the law of the LORD day and night. That means you have to chew the law and allow the law to come into your heart.

In many Jewish translation law of the LORD represents Torah.

Why in the verse but is used in the starting? It is because in verse one we see all the godly works if a man does to get the blessing.

In this world, people like to enjoy the ungodly work and break the law of the LORD. That is why but is used at the starting of the scripture.

Success comes with two factors. First is to be happy in the law of the LORD and second is to meditate in his law.

What is the Law of the LORD? Our LORD has given us 10 commandments and Jesus has given us 2 commandments on which all the laws are fulfilled.

So we have to focus on these laws to fulfill the will of the LORD.

In message Bible, it says you thrill to God’s word. It means you become extremely happy when you read God’s word. You become cheerful when you read God’s word.

Because of the Holy Spirit which is inside of us, we get joy while meditating God’s word. We rejoice when we meditate God’s word.

As we rejoice and become happy while reading God’s word it is now our duty not only to read the word of God but to meditate upon it day and night.

How can we meditate day and night? You may say we have lots of work to do in a day to day life.

Then how we can meditate day and night? It is very simple, just select one scripture and start exploring it in your mind day and night. Try to get all the meanings and references for every word of the scripture.

Then you will see that LORD is blessing you and an unmerited favor you are receiving in your life.

Godly people feel joy when they obey the Law of the LORD.

Godly people study the word of God day and night.

Godly people's desire is in the law of the LORD. They follow the precepts of the LORD.

Whatever instruction LORD gives them they follow. They follow the teaching of LORD.

They are habitual to meditate upon the word of God. They ponder through the word of God.

Those people who love the instruction of LORD will be blessed.

Godly people recite the word of God day and night.

Law of the LORD makes a righteous person happy and they think day and night on the word of God.

Great blessing follow to those who don’t listen to the evil advice.

Godly people stay away from the people who make fun of God. 

Righteous people love LORD’S teaching and they love to meditate upon the word of God.

Godly people reflect on the word of God day and night.

There is joy in obeying the Law of God. They love to do what God told them to do. They always
think about how they can follow the LORD more closely.  

Godly people have the pleasure of meditating the word of God day and night.

 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper                                                     Psalm 1:3 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

Trees which are planted near the rivers do not have any lack of water. That means when you get blessings from the LORD you will not have any lack in your life.

You will bring fruits for the Kingdom of God but it says in its season. They will bring luscious fruit.

You have to wait until your season comes. Patience is the key to success.

Leaf shall not wither means you will enjoy your blessings and not even a single blessing will go in vain.

Whatever you do shall prosper in life. Whether your doing job, business or any other thing, you will prosper and succeed in life.

Blessed people will flourish like a tree planted by the rivers of water. 

The tree which is planted by the riverside has added advantages over the trees which are far away from the river.

Blessed is the person who is a tree planted near the river bank.

Such a tree will be strong to bear all the adverse conditions. It will bring forth fruits in the proper time. So in order to receive the fruit one has to wait on God.

Trees planted by the riverside has plenty of water. Because of this they grow at much height and bear extremely delicious fruits to enjoy.

They blossom at there season time and there lead also not wither. 

Why does leaf wither? It is because they lack the water,  hence leaf get wither. As tree is planted by the rivers of water it does not lack the water so leaf does not get wither. 

Trees that grow beside the streams bear many fruits. But to bear much fruit one has to wait patiently for the right time to come. 

Whatsoever attempts righteous people do, they are successful in it. 

Such a trees leaf never dries up that means they get success in all the area of life. Trees which are planted by brooks of water are prosperous trees. 

Righteous people are firmly planted by the rivers of water

There leaf doesn’t fade away. Whatever they do comes to maturity.

Those trees which grows beside a stream are blessed tree. The same way those people stay beside the stream of living water will be blessed. 

Those people who love God whatever they do turns out to be great and successful. 

These people will succeed in everything they do. 

The tree which is planted by the rivers of water is full of life and such a tree is vibrant and strong.

The leaf of such a tree doesn’t die they are blessed leaves.

The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.                                      Psalm 1:4 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

From this verse, it talks about ungodly people. How they act and how they will harvest the fruit of there labor.

What is the chaff? It is nothing but the husk of any grain which remains. Normally Chaff is burned after grain is separated from it. 

Though chaff is in more number but they are of no use. Same way ungodly people do many things but none of the things get prospers.

Ungodly people are like the straw that will be blown away by the wind. 

Ungodly people are worthless in the sight of God. They are like a dead person without a substance.

Wicked people are disobedient to the word of God. They don’t follow the laws of God. 

Because they are light in weight wind will carry them away. 

Wicked people are like dust which wind will blow away. Ungodly people's way leads to destruction.

Ungodly people will have a different story in comparison with Godly people.

 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. Psalm 1:5 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

Ungodly people will not be there with Godly people in the Judgment of Crown and Throne. They will be Judge at the Final Judgment at the end of this world.

Scripture says there will be a judgment on the final day. But there are two types of judgment.

The first judgment is for the righteous people. After the judgment of righteous people, LORD will give them rewards according to there work on this earth.

Same way for ungodly people there is a judgment kept at the end to reward them for there work.
Sinner will not stand with righteous people. 

The sinner will not be able to endure the judgment of God.

Just people are not like the wicked ones. At the time of judgment, ungodly people will find guilty. 
Ungodly people will not have any defense in the courtroom of the LORD. 

They are like a windblown dust.Ungodly people can not seat in the company of the Godly people. Because both of them have a different perspective on life.

We only attract like-minded people and we love the company of those people who think and act like us.

Same way ungodly people will only like the company of ungodly people and the same way godly people will like the company of godly people.

LORD is going to condemn the ungodly people at the end of this world.

LORD will separate Godly people from ungodly people.

Godly people will be justified but ungodly will not be justified.

Sinner will not be a part of the congregation of righteous people.

Wicked people will not have a place in the court of the justice people. They will not be part of the feast given by the LORD.

Wicked people will not be a part of the assembly of the Godly people.

If Godly peoples gather together for the judgment then wicked people will be found guilty of their deeds.

Ungodly people can not give excuses on the day of judgment. Whereas Godly people do what is right in the sight of God.

Ungodly people will not escape the punishment of God. They have to give an account of whatever things they have done in there life.

Ungodly people will not worship God with Godly people in heavenly congregation.

Ungodly people will not be part of the community of the Godly people.

For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.                      Psalm 1:6 KJV Commentary

Psalm 1 KJV Commentary
Psalm 1 KJV Commentary

LORD knows the ways of righteous people. Ungodly people are going to get perish at the end.
Knowing means having information about every things in once life. LORD knows the way of the righteous means He knows where righteous goes, with whom he seat, with whom he talks, what all are the thoughts in his mind. Everything LORD knows.
What is the way of the righteous? It is nothing but to fulfill the will of the LORD. To obey the commandments of the LORD and meditate upon the word of God.
Same way LORD knows the way of the ungodly. But here ungodly man’s way will perish. The plans of the wicked will not prosper.
What is the meaning of Perish? Perish means to die or decay or end.
Our LORD is shepherd. He guides us towards paths of righteousness. 
But unrighteous people will not take the path of righteous people, instated they will walk on a skid road.
LORD always guide and protect the righteous people. Because he cares for them. They are His people. Who are close to His heart. 
LORD knows the way of the righteous people. LORD is acquainted with the way of the righteous people. 
Ungodly people are those who live outside the will of God. Their end will be in ruin. LORD destroys the wicked people.   
The way of the ungodly people is destroyed. 
Wicked people will be doomed and will have unfortunate outcomes. 
LORD protects everyone who follows Him.  LORD shows his people how to live a life. 
God approves the way of the Godly people. God takes care of His people.  
God watches over the way of the Godly people. He makes plans for righteous people.
God loves to embrace the path of righteous people as they move on in their life.


Dear God thank you for making us know what are the attributes of a Godly people. Guide us to meditate upon your word and give us happiness when we follow your law.

Thank you for planting us near the bank of the river. LORD, you know all our paths and help us to walk in that path only. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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